Curb Appeal and Décor for the Winter Months

Creating a Wintry Curb Appeal 

It’s getting to be that time of year again that us Western New Yorkers and Northwestern Pennsylvanians prepare for – winter. Although we are the best of the best for toughing out a snowstorm, there’s always room for improvement to boost your curb appeal. Whether you’re trying to sell, or just want to step up your curb appeal game, here are some helpful tips for the wintry season! 

Holiday Valley
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Plan Ahead 

Bare trees and white snow create clear sight-lines to your home. If you have faded or chipped paint, or your house is just in need of a fresh coat, take advantage of the sunny, cool days in fall to do this update. It’s simple, but makes a huge difference.  

Speaking of fall, make sure you take care of your leaves before the snow piles on top. Clean out your gutters and rake up your lawn to avoid piled up debris.  
Fall in Chautauqua


Keep it Tidy 

Keep your driveway, walkway, and stairs clear of snow and ice. Whether you have buyers looking at your home, or guests coming to visit, you definitely do not want anyone slipping or trudging through the snow.

 Light it Up 

Lighting up your walkway and porch makes your house look homey, and it’s safer for guests to walk along. These warm lights create a welcoming atmosphere and illuminates your porch décor as well. Keep an eye out for rustic and stylish lights or lanterns at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Don’t feel like having them wired? Use an outdoor-rated battery-operated light.  

Evergreens & Year-round plants 

Evergreens are great in the winter because they bring a nice, rich color amid a white landscape. Although they are called evergreens, you can also get them in yellows or blues, and let’s not forget the variety of styles. Make sure that these evergreens are trimmed and maintained! These fine details will make your curb appeal that much better. 

Pine trees with simple lights

Consider including trees and shrubs that hold onto their berries through fall winter to have an additional pop of color! You’d also be surprised at the number of plants that have foliage year-round. When stocking up on perennials, check out the plant label and see if it has foliage in the winter months as well.  


Bare Trees, Full texture 

Just because your deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, does not make them any less pretty. Dogwoods and birch trees have great bark for texture and color when all their leaves are gone and create an attractive focus for your winter landscape.  

Trees in the winter


Winter Decorations 

Simple still makes a statement when decorating for winter months. Evergreen boughs and red ribbons are perfect for wintertime. Hanging a wreath on the front door looks nice, or a neatly stacking a pile of firewood on the porch. Planters are another great way to add color to a fence or banister. Fill these planters with evergreens, berries, and pinecones to achieve those winter vibes.  

Of course, adorning these decorations with simple white lights adds a nice tone to these already attractive decorations.  

Holiday wreath



Check out your hardscape 

Take advantage of winter to examine your hardscape! While evergreens and year-round plants are important for a winter landscape, what your lawn may be missing is something different. Check your focal points and see if a trellis, a bench, an arbor, or garden sculpture is what your lawn is missing. Adding to your hardscape is equally as important and can create a thoughtful, aesthetic look.  



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