Our Team

Bill Soffel


Rachael Wiley-Steffen

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Whipp

Director of Agent Support

Wendy Freiheit

Director of Agent Development

Graham Soffel

Operations Project Specialist

Hannah Raynor

Creative Director

Kaysie Griffith

Marketing Specialist

Lisa Wilson

Sales Support Team

Anne Walters

Sales Support Team

Ashley Brown

Sales Support Administrator

Andrea Conklin

Agent Support Specialist

Tena Dills

Finance & Human Relations Coordinator

Jada Carlson

Director of Vacation Rental Management

Nickcole Garcia

Operations Liaison

Debbie Swanson

Administrative Assistant - Sales Support

Lois Weber

Administrative Assistant - Sales Support

Jesse Lescynski

Vacation Rental Manager

Jessica Pace


Deanna Bowen


Bob Benjamin

Maintenance Supervisor

Leigh Britton

Housekeeping Manager

Lisa Seekings

Housekeeping Assistant Manager

Faith Seekings


Courtney Riter