Our Team

Bill Soffel


Rachael Wiley-Steffen

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Whipp

Director of Agent Support

Wendy Freiheit

Director of Agent Development

Graham Soffel

Operations Project Specialist

Lindsey Goold

Director of Marketing & Communications

Kaysie Griffith

Marketing Specialist

Noehah Knight

Marketing Coordinator

Tena Dills

Finance & Human Relations Coordinator

Lois Short


Lisa Wilson

Sales Support Team

Lois Weber

Administrative Assistant - Sales Support

Andrea Conklin

Transaction Coordinator

Anthony McClure

Director of Property Management Services

Jesse Lescynski

Director of Association Management

Deanna Bowen

Vacation Rental Manager - Ellicottville

Karen Kearney

Customer Experience Manager

Tracy Kenzie

Vacation Rental Specialist

Kaydan Bush

Vacation Rental Specialist

Kirsha Dunn

Housekeeping Manager

Courtney Riter

Housekeeping Manager

Chris Forshee

Maintenance Supervisor