Book Direct & Save!

What does "Book Direct" mean?

Using third-party booking sites like VRBO and Airbnb can certainly help you search a huge selection of vacation homes and easily compare prices, but you'll also end up paying extra fees. You can avoid these unnecessary fees when you book your vacation directly through ERA Team VP on our website or by giving our office a call.

One of our Vacation Rental Experts will guide you through booking your property and making the most out of your vacation, saving your money and time sorting through hundreds of properties on third-party sites. Our team is not only highly trained, but we're local experts; something you just won't get from a third-party website! 

What are these "Extra Fees" I keep hearing about?

When you book on a third-party site, all the extra fees get passed down to you, the consumer. While fees will vary depending on the site you book on, you will always pay less when booking the property directly through ERA Team VP.