Chautauqua Institution Summer 2016

The Chautauqua Institution 2016 summer season is right around the corner starting on Saturday, June 25! This summer is going to be very exciting and each week is covering really interesting themes.  There will be a lot to do and a lot of fun to be had, so don’t miss out on what is in store for you this summer in Chautauqua Institution!

Did you know that the historic Amphitheater, Miller Park, and the Athenaeum Hotel have been under construction and changes have been made? Although this can be a bit of a surprise to you, you shouldn’t worry because Chautauqua Institution is up and running and prepared to make this summer season the best it has had in years! Things are looking great and there are plenty of things that you will want to know about Chautauqua Institution this summer in order to fulfill your stay!



Do you know the list of themes for each week yet? All nine weeks have very unique themes for you to choose from and you will not be disappointed!  Week one’s theme is on Creative Expression by Roger Rosenblatt and Friends.  Week two is Money and Power, week three is Moral Leadership in action, week four is Our Search for Another Earth, week five is People and Environment, week six is The Future of Cities, week seven is Pushing Our Bodies’ Limits, week eight is War and its Warriors: Contemporary Voices, and week nine is America’s Music with Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center.  See what week most interests you and make sure to contact ERA Team VP Real Estate & Vacation Rentals for a place to stay today!

Throughout the first week there are some fantastic events that you will want to know about!  Do you enjoy listening to music in the evenings as you walk the grounds? Not to worry because week one is full of different concerts for your enjoyment in order to kick off the season!  From the Chautauqua Choir to The Temptations and The Four Tops, this first week will not disappoint when it comes to music!  With the new and improved additions and changes to the Amphitheater, you will want to get down there and start off the summer right!

Are you a fan of the popular entertainment that Chautauqua Institution brings to the Amphitheater in the summer? Well get excited because there are some really well-known names coming to perform this season!  Some of them include The Avett Brothers, Colvin & Earle, and Straight No Chaser!  Along with these great concerts, there will also be twenty dollar nights at the Amphitheater throughout the summer, so keep your eyes peeled and take advantage of this great deal for awesome entertainment!

Want to know how ERA Team VP Real Estate & Vacation Rentals can help you this summer?  We have a lot of great information for you so you can make the best of your summer!  Did you know that we have an office right on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution?  That’s right!  Our office is conveniently located on 1 Morris, just TownMain_op_772x270steps away from Bestor Plaza!  Be sure to pay us a visit and we can help you with any of your rental needs!

Did you know that we have open houses in the Institution every Tuesday?  Well we hope you like wine and crackers because on Monday nights this summer we will be having open house preview nights for you to take a look at the schedule for the following day!  If you are looking for places to rent, you will not want to miss out on these nights full of information and fun!

Make sure you are prepared so that you can take advantage of the great things Chautauqua Institution has to offer for you this summer.  Remember the season is right around the corner!  Contact ERA Team VP Real Estate & Vacation Rentals and book your reservations because your summer vacation in Chautauqua Institution awaits!



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