Ellicottville’s Largest Disco Party

Team Pritchard got in the 70’s spirit for 2016 Ellicottville’s Largest Disco Party!

ERA Team VP was a proud sponsor of Ellicottville’s Largest Disco Party hosted at Villaggio on Saturday, May 21st.  This was a fun-filled night full of creative costumes and dancing! People broke out their wigs and best digs, which made this night a night to remember in Ellicottville!

The whole downstairs area was dedicated to the dance floor where we all put our best dance moves on display! Upstairs was the lounge and food section for people to chat and enjoy some refreshments in order to fuel up for more dancing! This awesome event also had a red carpet costume competition! Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, which led to a lot of laughs and good times throughout the night!

Tickets were only 25 dollars each and they included 2 drink tickets as well as a raffle ticket for a chance to win some really cool prizes! With some really good food and drink choices, Villaggio knocked this event out of the park.  Everyone got creative and let their costumes and dance moves shine!

“ERA Team VP Real Estate and Vacation Rentals was honored to support and sponsor such a fantastic event!” said Rachael Wiley-Steffen, Director of Corporate Marketing and Vacation Rentals at ERA Team VP. “Thanks to Villaggio for bringing all of us together for some funkadelic fun and for an awesome fashion parade on the red carpet!”

Everyone here at ERA Team VP had a blast and we are looking forward to next year’s event!

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