President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival in Mayville, NY!

This weekend, February 18 – February 20, come to Mayville, NY for a fun filled Winter Festival for all ages!  The festival is on, no matter the weather, so come enjoy all of the great activities that have been planned!

The main attraction is always the Ice Castle, which is built by many volunteers who cut blocks of ice out of the lake and spend many hours constructing their masterpiece.  Eventhough we’ve been experiencing some warmer temperatures, they are already taking precautions to protect the ice castle.  Today, the volunteers are focusing on protecting the castle with plastic, in case of rain.  View a video of the volunteers building the castle HERE provided by the President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival Facebook page and WICU12 Erie.

Winter Festival (Mayville, NY) Schedule of Events:
Grand Lighting Ceremony: Friday February 18, 6:00PM

Kids Slide: Friday February 18 – Sunday February 20

Broomball Tournament: Saturday February 19, 10:00AM

Chili Cookoff: Saturday February 19

Polar Bear Swim: Saturday February 19

Tug of War: Saturday February 19, 1:00PM

Cold Water Rescue Demonstration: Saturday February 19

Horse Drawn Rides: Saturday February 19

Teen Chill Dance: Saturday February 19, 8:00PM

Kids Corner Activities: Saturday February 19 – Sunday February 20

Dodgeball Tournament: Sunday February 20, 1:00PM

Ice Hockey: Sunday February 20 – Monday February 21

Click HERE for more information on these great events and a list of all of the sponsors who are making this Winter Festival possible!

This is the 25th Winter Festival in Mayville, NY!  If you have great memories of this festival and would like to return, but aren’t living in the area, don’t hesitate to check out last minute accomodations! website loading test

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