10 Reasons to List Your House During the Holidays

Have you been slowly preparing to list your home for sale, but just not quite sure you’re ready to pull the trigger? Or has it crossed your mind, but you just don’t think “now” is the time? Have you told yourself, “It’s best to wait until Spring to sell”.  Well, believe it or not, there’s several advantages to listing your home now, despite the holidays being right around the corner!

  • People who are looking for home around the holidays are more serious buyers. Who would spend their holidays going around looking at houses they will never actually buy? Not many. If your home is listed for sale during the holidays and showings are scheduled, you can be confident those viewing your home are serious and committed to making a purchase soon.
  • Less competition. Many folks prepping to list their home for sale are in the same boat you were in before reading this- they’re going to wait until spring, or even a few years down the road. This means that those serious buyers looking at homes have less to choose from, resulting in a higher chance of them moving forward on yours.
  • Homes show better when decorated for the holidays. This is a no brainer- don’t you love your home more when it’s decorated for the holidays? So will everyone else!
  • Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays. Many people plan vacation time during the holidays, therefore have time off from work. If those people are serious about buying, they’re spending that time house hunting!
  • Many people want to buy before the tax year ends.
  • January is traditionally the month for transfers. Transferees can’t wait until Spring to buy. You must be on the market to capture that market.
  • Buyers are more emotional around the holidays. They’re considering their families, future children, and perhaps even future generations enjoying years to come.
  • It’s possible to restrict showings during special family holiday gatherings and events, just let your Agent know this ahead of time.
  • You can sell now, but specify a delayed closing or extended occupancy until next year if you desire.
  • By selling, you have an opportunity to look for something to buy in the Spring, when there’s more inventory on the market!

For more information about listing your home for sale, or if you’re interested in buying, contact your local ERA Team VP Agent today!

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