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Owner Services

As your rental agent, we are your business partner.  As your business partner we are your eyes, ears and voice when you are away from your vacation home.

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Why Do I Need a Property Rental Manager?

  • to relieve yourself of the tasks involved with renting on your own
  • to provide a buffer between yourself and the guest
  • to increase your rental income by using our established "repeat guest" database

As One of Our Valued Owners, We Provide You With

  • qualified guests to rent your property
  • a toll-free (800) phone number & email address: easy access for tenants making reservations and for you to use when you need us
  • 24/7 online booking
  • 24/7 on call maintenance & repair service for you and your tenants
  • full time, professional housekeeping and linen services, including carpet cleaning
  • advice and counsel on keeping your property in top shape and renter friendly

More Reasons to Hire Us!

  • we accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover with no extra charge to you
  • we have efficient, preferred contractors, plumbers, painters and electricians among our many contacts that are willing to assist you and your guest on an emergency basis
  • our rental webpage provides customers with a full description of your property, along with many photos, to assist in their decision to rent your property

In Addition, the Owner/Guest Services & Rental Department Will:

  • collect security deposits & rent
  • offer tenant "insurance" to cover our owners for up to $3000.00 in accidental damages
  • enforce cancellation policies & penalties and we offer travel insurance
  • ensure compliance of the lease agreement which tenants must sign before arrival
  • provide pre & post rental inspections
  • act in the owner's best interest when resolving issues with the tenant
  • handle security deposit distribution and disputes
  • arrange key pick-up / drop-off for our guests, contractors and others you may authorize to access your property

Entering Our Rental Program

  1. Make an appointment with our rental staff to visit your property
  2. Counsel will be given on the rent ability of the property and a rental rate will be established based on comparatives in the market
  3. Specifications and rules are decided
  4. Our service charge, cleaning/linen and supply fees are discussed
  5. A full description of the property will be recorded and pictures of the exterior/interior will be taken for the website and other marketing & advertising tools
  6. A rental agreement will be drawn up, which is specific to your property

Other Details

Once signed, we will provide you with additional tools you can use to enhance your rental property.  This would include guidelines for furnishing your rental property, a guide to "what an owner can expect: the parameters to 'normal wear and tear'", and special services we provide to your guests at no extra charge to you!

The Exclusive Rental Agency Agreement

Owner = Landlord
Vacation Properties = Agent for Landlord

We disclose, in writing:

  • how the owner is paid
  • how the agent is paid
  • cleaning / linen package information
  • property management service fees
  • obligations of agent & owner

The Owner Occupancy Schedule

Attached to each agreement is a grid of dates.  Owner may choose either "Owners will Occupy" or "Available for Rent".  These dates will be entered into our rental software and displayed on our availability calendar specific to your property on our website.  Owners may change their occupancy dates, subject to reservations already confirmed.

Communication is Key!

We feel it is important to keep you informed on your rental property income and reservations.  After a reservation is confirmed with a guest, you will receive an e-mail confirmation complete with dates of stay and owner gross information.  Your monthly income / expense statements are mailed on the 15th of each month, along with your income checks.  A 1099 will be provided at each year end.

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